Combustion Team at Mugello Test Day

Mugello Circuit, 29 November 2023

On an exhilarating day marked by speed and teamwork, More Modena Racing’s Combustion Team took on the iconic Mugello circuit for a series of comprehensive tests on its combustion car, along with racing teams from the universities of Parma, Bologna and Padova.

This unforgettable day was made possible by the generous support of our sponsor, Albini and Pitigliani-a heartfelt thank you for fueling our enthusiasm for racing!

As the morning sun bathed the circuit, our Combustion Team immersed themselves in rigorous acceleration and skidpad tests, filling the air with the roar of our engines.

Mastering the complexities of the skidpad and achieving remarkable acceleration times, our Combustion Team proudly displayed the meticulous engineering and precision that define More Modena Racing. Each test served not only as a technical evaluation, but as a testament to the collective effort, expertise and passion of our team.

The climax of the day was reached in the afternoon: the semi-endurance test, a true showcase of our car’s endurance and resilience. Our experience at the Mugello Autodrome was made possible by the warm hospitality of the racetrack, and we express our sincere gratitude for allowing us the opportunity to push the limits of our combustion car on this world-class track. The collaboration between More Modena Racing and the Mugello Autodrome not only amplifies our capabilities, but also strengthens the link between academia and motorsport.