Formula Student is an international competition involving students coming from different university backgrounds. It requires students to design and build race cars that will be competing in a series of tests.

The competition aims at providing students with practical experience, preparing them for the workforce and helping them develop the skills necessary to become professionals in the automotive industry.

Formula Student is an event organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) involving over 500 universities of 18 Countries with 64 Teams all over the world.

Race cars produced by the students are evaluated by a jury of experts in the automotive industry, who assess design, efficiency, safety, performance, and sustainability of the vehicle.

Established in 1981, the competition is now spread all over the world,
with several annual events, organized
either directly by SAE or by various automotive associations.
Current categories in each competition:
Class 1C (for gasoline vehicles)
Class 1E (for electric vehicles)
Class 1D (for driverless vehicles)



• Acceleration
• Endurance
• Fuel Efficiency
• Autocross
• Skid-Pad


• Business Plan
• Design Report
• Cost Report