Welcome to the “History” section of MoRe Modena Racing!

Here, you can delve into the rich history of our vehicles, spanning from the early days of the team to the most recent evolutions. Over the years, our steadfast commitment to innovation and pursuit of perfection has driven us to embrace new challenges and lead change in the world of motorsport.

In 2024, we took a significant turn, leaving behind the realm of combustion vehicles to focus on the future. Our team has embraced the challenge of electrification, dedicating ourselves to the development of hybrid vehicles and the design of fully electric models. This new chapter represents our vision for a sustainable and cutting-edge future, while always maintaining technical excellence and the desire to dominate competitions.

Through this section, we invite you to discover the highlights of our history, from track victories to technological innovations, from challenges overcome to ambitions realized. We hope this overview inspires you and provides insight into our commitment to innovation.

Thank you for your interest in our past and future.