MMR made history at Silverstone

Silverstone, UK, 23 July 2023

MoRe Modena Racing Combustion achieved a victory, for the second time, at the prestigious Formula Student UK competition held in Silverstone. The unwavering dedication, innovative design, and outstanding teamwork secured the team the top spot in the world of university motorsport.

MMR’s greatest strengths lay in an exceptional teamwork and collaboration: the students worked seamlessly together, pooling their diverse skills and knowledge to overcome challenges and ensure their car was the best it could be. From vehicle and computer engineering to finance and marketing, every team member played a crucial role in the success of the project.

The M23-L showed outstanding performance in the dynamic categories, impressing the judges and spectators alike. This car showcased remarkable speed and handling during the dynamic events, securing crucial points.

MoRe Modena Racing Hybrid’s car also made history as the first hybrid combustion/electric vehicle to successfully pass all the scrutineering and to race on the Silverstone track.
Furthermore, the team’s car demonstrated remarkable durability and performance during its debut endurance race, highlighting its reliability. As MoRe Modena Racing Hybrid’s car completed its first endurance ever, it marked a momentous milestone in the team’s journey towards pushing the boundaries of sustainable and high-performance racing.

These victories not only celebrate the team’s success but also reflect a commitment to push the boundaries of motorsport technology and innovation.