Realizzare la vettura più performante possibile, sviluppando nuove tecnologie nel campo dei combustibili alternativi e dei materiali compositi.

Ricerca nel campo dell’elettrificazione per l’incremento delle prestazioni e la riduzione delle emissioni, sviluppando strategie di controllo della powerunit.

Applicazione dell’AI ad una vettura da corsa sviluppando software di controllo e i dispositivi di automazione per rendere la vettura totalmente a guida autonoma durante la competizione.

About Us

MoRe Modena Racing has been active since 2003 and it is composed by students from different fields of study, organized into three teams: Combustion, Hybrid and Driverless. Each project is composed of technical and management departments..Each member has the opportunity to contribute with their own ideas to the process behind the build of a Formula vehicle, which allows them to gain personal and professional skills. From this project they can improve their team working and time management capabilities. MMR is currently on a positive trend, with promising results achieved in the past seasons, where each component is being pushed to the limit. This is a motivating factor for new members approaching the team, that fuel their Motorsport passion.