Bologna, 7-8 May 2024

From 7 to 8 May, Bologna hosted E-TECH EUROPE 2024, the acclaimed international trade fair for advanced batteries and innovative technologies for cars and electric vehicles. The event, now in its third year, took place in the prestigious exhibition centre, establishing Bologna as the epicentre of automotive innovation and excellence.

E-TECH EUROPE is a key meeting point for all key players in the automotive industry, from mechanical engineering to electronics, from interior design to lightweight materials production. With the participation of hundreds of companies from all over the world, the event offers a unique platform to present the most advanced technologies, products and services in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The presence of our team added a touch of competitive spirit to the exhibition. We had the honour of exhibiting our hybrid racing car, capturing the interest of a curious and passionate audience. It was rewarding to illustrate to the public the features and performance of our creation, demonstrating the commitment and expertise of our students in the field of automotive engineering.

E-TECH EUROPE is not only an opportunity to showcase our creations and share our ideas but also to learn from the innovations of others and create new synergies. This year’s numerous novelties, including the expansion of vertical thematic halls and the presence of parallel events such as E-CHARGE and RE-BATTERY, made the experience even more enriching and stimulating.

Special thanks to ANFIA (Associazione Nazionale Filiera Industria Automobilistica) for inviting us to participate in this extraordinary event. Their generous invitation allowed us to make our reality known to industry enthusiasts and expand our professional network. We will continue to work hard to develop cutting-edge solutions and promote enthusiasm for automotive engineering among the young talents of our university.